Material Range

Olde World Foundry specialises in a wide variety of metals. Below is a list of metals and limitations we can offer:

Cast Iron: 1.1 tons
SG iron (all grades) 1 ton
Aluminium: 800 kg’s
Zinc: 200 kg’s
Copper Based Alloys: Phosphor bronze (PBl & PB2) 700 kg’s
Leaded gunmetal (LG2) 700 kg’s
Aluminium bronze (ABl & AB2) 600 kg’s
Brass (STD & HTB3) 600 kg’s
Leaded bronze (LB) 700 kg’s
Copper 700 kg’s
Special alloys available on request

the process

Using Olde World skill combined with the latest technology, Olde World Foundry cast and manufacture superior custom made products. All safety and health regulations are adhered to and our staff have many years experience in the foundry industry.

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